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// A List Of 100 Capstone Project Ideas Based On 7 Subjects //

A List Of 100 Capstone Project Ideas Based On 7 Subjects

100 Fresh Ideas For A Capstone Project

What is your understanding of a Capstone Project?

Actually, a Capstone Project is a two-semester progression where all college students are required to conduct thorough research based on a certain problem statement or rather their desired query of choice.

The main objective of a Capstone Project is making every student participate in discussions with assistance from their instructors. With the instructors help they will be in a position of preparing quality and substantial paper, which evidently reflects back their comprehension of the topic.

Below is a list of 100 Capstone Project ideas that are divided into 7 different sections.

Computer Science

  1. Crafting a website aimed at suburban lifestyle
  2. Designing an evaluation math exam
  3. Organization and the identification of pathogens using an image
  4. Making of the convex zipper
  5. Forecasting of stock with aid of the neural systems
  6. E-commerce planning for building supply and construction
  7. Scheming a survey program
  8. Visualization designation using an exposed source WordNet
  9. Using software to design visualization battle games
  10. Scrutiny of algorithms using game theory
  11. Estate assessment and its evaluation using the modeling system
  12. Automated aid report
  13. The use of a smartphone for the examination of e – medical records and management of various systems
  14. Coming up with a management software for your business
  15. Robotically based bank verification numbers
  16. Designing business data for the retail firm
  17. The implementation of the tourism sector with the multimedia management systems
  18. Using computers to examine various HR’s processes
  19. Making a computer insurance application and registration software

Marketing Ideas

  1. Hazard control and continuity of a business
  2. The responsibility of a business and its linkage to the supplier
  3. Designing a businesses’ marketing system
  4. Analysis of the chain management in the construction sector
  5. A deep analysis of the social and the non-profit enterprise
  6. The significance of risk management for sustainable growth
  7. The liberation of women in microfinance
  8. Risk evaluation and quality decision making in the business sector
  9. Analysis of the share price relating interest gains
  10. Inquiry of a bank’s productivity
  11. An assessment of the influence of cash flow on a firm’s profitability
  12. Quality control in business
  13. Corporation and shareholders in a business
  14. A country’s analysis of her hotel industrial business
  15. Cafeteria management in any country
  16. The innovation of a proper franchising scheme

Nursing Ideas

  1. Control and the decrease of diabetes in America
  2. Prevention of the Lyme disease in young children
  3. High demand for women care among pregnant women in America
  4. Advancement of pain management between nurses in the hospital
  5. Edification about asthma in homes
  6. Student asthma education program
  7. Management of symptoms with patients with dementia
  8. Treatment of obesity children program
  9. The discharge program enlightening and planning within nursing students
  10. Curbing of weird behavioral changes in children with dementia
  11. Prescription of care among all ages
  12. Enlightening people about HPV and its vaccines
  13. Preventing of the rehabilitation of stroke patients
  14. Encouraging infant growth using postpartum breastfeeding
  15. Prevention of diarrhea using probiotics
  16. An approach for patient-centered medical aid
  17. Analysis of STI’s in women due to inadequate behavioral health involvement
  18. Family-centered care visitation models
  19. The linkage of competence of certification in nursing

Management Ideas

  1. Efficient plan for a business project
  2. Financial and a proper marketing structure of a service
  3. Worldwide consultancy service
  4. A plan of immediate care can be long or short
  5. The study of major threats on business as a result of the technological advancements
  6. Great corporate downscaling
  7. Common hospital business approaches
  8. The implementation growth of business units
  9. Competitive market entry
  10. The healthcare HMO plan
  11. The computing surrounding

MBA Ideas

  1. Factors affecting consumer satisfaction in the healthcare sector
  2. Consumer’s choice in the mobile industry
  3. Shelf spacing rivalry
  4. Corporate visage and mobile advertising
  5. The effect one’s engagement in brand selection
  6. Attitude management using 4 approaches
  7. The effect of brand extension on one’s personality
  8. The effect of leadership opinion to consumer purchase
  9. The impact of trialability and the innovativeness of a new product
  10. The linkage between a firm’s sales, consumer knowledge and marketing research
  11. Improving social sector management through brand arrangement
  12. Digital marketing through brand awareness
  13. Investigation and analysis of communication of insurance brands
  14. Brand designer
  15. Mindfulness and awareness for a company
  16. Brand awareness with engagement with various international customers
  17. Brand engagement by building a business portfolio

Engineering Ideas

  1. Various contracts regarding building projects
  2. The growth of management systems in selecting the appropriate method of excavation
  3. Planning of the construction control of the oil department in the Middle East
  4. Using standard weight for evaluating the efficiency of various systems
  5. Management of various construction sites
  6. The use of computer systems for the improvement of projects
  7. Increasing cost in the reconstruction of various projects
  8. Analysis of management progress through the development of a proper computer system


  1. Educational rehearses to be revised
  2. Challenges encounter when communicating people in different social groups
  3. Brilliant ways to eliminate plagiarism in papers
  4. How to motivate college students
  5. Contrast between traditional and modern learning systems
  6. Significance of evaluation of students skills and knowledge adjustment
  7. Techniques of minimizing stress in students
  8. The core objective of brain-centered tutoring and learning
  9. The importance of classroom management in nourishing students behavior
  10. A theory of distance learning
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