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Causes and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy Essay, Writing Instructions

Essay about Causes and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

The topic of “teenage pregnancy: causes and effects” is centered on the social relationship of both male and female gender. When you are assigned to write an essay on this topic, you are expected to explain social issues in an accurate, professional and unbiased way. The topic is also linked to matters of education, reproduction, early involvement in sexual activities and peer influence. To write a perfect paper, you should illustrate the potential factors that initiate early pregnancies in teenagers and describe how it affects the community, child and the mother.

Approach the essay with a perspective of a modern society that is hysterical about the successes or failures of teenagers. Due to the fact that the community feels that pregnancies of young females are a problem, write your paper based on the current findings of causes and solutions about the issues. This means that you should include true and accepted information that is relevant to the current generation.

How to Start this Essay

When writing an essay about any topic, don’t assume that the reader knows the definitions of specific terms or even the whole topic. It is your duty to define the topic in a few sentences for the reader to get an overview of what you’re discussing. So, provide an explanation of “teenage pregnancy” before you add anything else. You should start your essay with a broad and conclusive catch that acts as a meta-theme of the entire paper. It means that the reader needs to see the statement: “This essay describes the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy.” The introductory paragraph includes the thesis that codifies and specifies the thesis statement, prompt or subject. It also lays a foundation for what the reader should expect in the body of your essay. You can also add some mini-theses like describing how you will approach specific causes and effects of the problem to further enlighten the reader.


Teenage pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association, is a condition of young and immature women below the age of 20 giving birth to children. There are many causes why teenagers become pregnant at a tender age. Whichever the cause, early pregnancies have a negative impact on the teenі and the society. In that case, this essay provides a thorough evaluation of the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy.

How to Write a Body of this Essay

In the body section of this essay topic, align all your paragraphs in a rigid and logical structure. This means that every paragraph should bring out its own point and thesis. If you include a mini-thesis, support it with a thorough analysis and evidence to avoid confusing the reader. This is not associated with creativity but serves to organize your thoughts and arguments in a comprehensible manner. The first sentence of every paragraph should be clear and concise for the reader to understand what the remaining piece is all about. Divide the body section into two parts (i.e., causes and effects sections) to include your points in a logic order. Once you’ve completed the section of causes, you should now start explaining the effects of teenage pregnancy.

In case you include borrowed information from literature sources like books, research journals or magazines, remember to cite them correctly. Even if you’ve included your own point of view about teenage pregnancy, remember to support your thoughts using reliable sources. All your opinions about the topic should be unbiased. Consider both the female and male gender in this issue. When you write too much about effects on women and eliminate men, you might lose some marks for being biased. All your points should be focused on everyone involved in the problem. If you think the society is affected too, then add enough information to support your point.

Body Paragraphs Example:


Lack of success in education, bad parenting and poverty are major causes of teenage pregnancy. Teens get involved in sexual activities at a tender age if there is no one to guide and counsel them about the implications of early pregnancy. Even when babies from these teenagers are born, they are normally not healthy because the young mother never planned for it. A properly planned pregnancy is one that involves married individuals that are yearning to have a baby anytime. When teen parents were not ready for a child, they might be forced to abandon the responsibility because they can’t afford to raise the baby. This is more likely to happen if teenagers are poor or have no plans of how they will get money to make life comfortable.


Dropping out of school: Getting pregnant during the adolescence period when most teens have not yet completed school is challenging. Most teen mothers are forced to drop out of school to take care of their children. This also kills one’s dedication and ambitions towards education or having a bright future. Approximately 35% of young women (those who give birth at the age of 20 and below) complete high school education by the age of 23. This shows that a high number of teenage mothers will not be able to proceed to university or even graduate from secondary education. In this regard, teens don’t have complete qualifications to get a proper job with a decent salary in the future, hence leading to an increase in the rate of unemployment and poverty.

How to Conclude this Essay

The conclusion section should contain a paragraph that restates the ‘hook’ or meta-theme. Send the reader back to the thesis once again and include a short sentence that summarizes all your paragraphs in the body section. Don’t simply copy and paste the thesis but rewrite it to show a change to an overall statement concerning a recommendable action to solve the teenage pregnancy problem. Describe ways or aspiration about the issue and what the society needs to do to maintain a proper understanding of sex education in the future. Avoid adding any information or points on causes and effects; only summarize them.

Conclusion Example:

In conclusion, teenage pregnancy is a problem that involves the parents, baby and the society. Despite the many factors that cause pregnancy among the teens, many young people lack parental and school guidance on sexual activities. With so many effects that come as a result of this issue, dropping out of school and limiting any chances of getting a good career in the future is a major effect to the community. In that case, the society should provide education on how to avoid teenage pregnancy.

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