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Common Mistakes When Writing An Essay

Top 10 Writing Mistakes in Student Essays

When you should deal with such a complicated task like writing an essay in the limited time every minute is valuable. That’s why it’s important to spend each one efficiently. The more focused and accurate you’ll be during the composing the less time the revision process will take.

Although the content errors diverse extremely due to the variety of topics and requirements, some writing mistakes remain typical disregarding differences. Review the list of common discrepancies to standard demands for the language style and formatting.

MISTAKE 1. Title ambiguity

The appellation of your work is the primary guideline for its readers that allows them finding out the matter it’s written on and forming the initial impression of its writer. Therefore you should choose words carefully to show an intention of the paper and not to spoil the content value and conformity with it.

Avoid using exact names of the works your essay is based on. It can be considered as a copyright violation. The title can reflect the exploring matter broadly, but on this occasion, you should specify the particular angle you look at it from in a preamble.

MISTAKE 2. Analysis absence

Students sometimes consciously or occasionally deliver a summary of the investigated issue instead of its analysis. The matter description and the angle introduction are required, but an essay statement should have other components that assure the accomplishment of the paper goal.

Any essay should reflect your research, comprehension and viewpoint on the subject. Otherwise, it’s just a synopsis of the read materials. Each conclusion you make based on the analysis you should supply with evidence and origins not to provide readers with unfounded allegations and this way misguide them.

MISTAKE 3. Thoughts fragments

In an academic paper, each sentence should be a completed phrase concerning the delivering message and components availability. Due to the simplified restrictions of the spoken language, we used to employ the minimum number of words that is required for the information comprehension. This habit affects our writing.

That’s why missing basics and expressing thoughts partly within a sentence are common mistakes that make even experienced writers. To escape them assure that each phrase and its parts if it’s complex, has a subject and a verb. Also be attentive to conjunctions that can imply the necessity of the sentence continuation.

MISTAKE 4. Incoherent narration

This issue can appear not only because of the inappropriate content structuring. Its availability can be caused by the inconsistency of tenses in the text. This mistake isn’t necessarily an internal complex sentence problem that appears as the sequence of tenses violation.

The time travel between thoughts occurs not less frequently. Past-present conflicts aren’t critical in everyday communication, but in the formal writing, it presents the paper creator in the bad light. Consider when the events, you talk about, take place, and stick to that time. Don’t use overcomplicated constructions to avoid a plot thread tangling.

MISTAKE 5. Direct appeals to a reader

To establish a connection with an audience is every writer’s goal and commitment. But within essay writing, it should be done with argumentative statements and not by initiating a conversation using the second person pronoun you.

Substitute it with the impersonal speech part one or reformulate the whole sentence without the employment of pronouns. Stay discreet and official but don’t present your thoughts overly sophisticated. Show your competence in the content, not just in its form.

MISTAKE 6. Squinting modifiers

This mistake mostly occurs in a shape of a dangling participle. The -ing ending verb form can earn this status when it’s a part of the phrase that serves as a replacement for a dependent clause in a complex sentence. The construction alternation doesn’t imply that the connection between thought pieces should be interrupted.

A participial phrase doesn’t contain a subject that’s why it should be clearly joined to the one in the main part of the sentence. Otherwise, its message appears vague, and its availability becomes inexpedient. That’s why writing an essay you should avoid that.

MISTAKE 7. Unnecessary quoting

Though citing requires more complicated formatting, students use it more frequently than paraphrasing and often unreasonably. A quote can’t be embedded in the sentence directly and should be an exact representation of the author’s wordings optionally with gaps.

Paraphrasing allows employing other people affirmations more flexible. But their origins should be mentioned on any occasion with particular word combinations and sentence constructions. Summarizing somebody’s words you can better define the key point than with no matter how sophisticated cite.

MISTAKE 8. The lack of indents

If you describe or explore one matter aspect, it doesn’t mean that you should do that within one paragraph. When you rationally divide your writing, it became more organized and ergo readable. Too long solid texts parts will bore a reviewer no less than slow content delivery.

Quoting requires specific indenting, spacing and overall formatting. Especially it concerns citations that consist of several sentences. On this occasion, marks are replaced by the font that differs from the main one as a highlighting remedy and the quote is placed in the text individually.

MISTAKE 9. Contractions misuse

Reducing negative and some auxiliary verb forms is common to informal messages and articles typing. But when you complete academic writing the employment of word contractions is inappropriate except for related to the topic abbreviations and compressed Latin expressions like etc.

Apostrophes are acceptable only in possessive case and very rarely plural formation. The limitation of its application serves to the language style and toning making it more official and convincing. And you do not want to sound like an average individual, do you?

MISTAKE 10. Spelling errors and typos

These mistakes are condemned since primary school. So when they are found in college essays the students’ aspiration for the personal development becomes questionable, and their works lose some credits they’ve got thanks to their content.

If spelling and typing are your weak spots, you should work on them. But when the attainments improvement is still in progress, you can use auxiliary remedies like online and desktop spell-checkers during proofreading. Consider though that they aren’t entirely accurate, that’s why apply for revisions also the Internet or a smart friend.

When you learn from the experience of others, you escape not only mistakes but also frustrations caused by their consequences. You can’t walk your educational path impeccably. But you can reduce the number of things that you stumble on leastways in your writing. It will take efforts, but the result in the form of improved skills won’t make them worthless.

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