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Drug Abuse Essay, Writing Instructions

Essay About Drug Abuse

It is hard to overrate the importance of such topic as drug abuse. Millions of people all over the world are worried about this problem. Today this issue is often being discussed by doctors who claim that dope abuse mainly takes youth from 14 to 40. Likewise, there are many people in their 40s and 50s who are addicted to drugs and cannot help it.

How to stop drug overuse? This relevant topic is a perfect issue to write an essay, to do the research, to explain how this problem could and should be solved. As well, it is good to analyze the issue from different views and see how it is being solved in different parts all over the world. Since this topic is very relevant, it is not a big problem to find all required sources (books, academic journals, websites and others) to write a good, decent essay.

How to start an essay on this topic

Introduction to an essay is like childhood for a human — it’s very important how you start your story. Starting an essay on drugs abuse, keep in mind that your reader knows nothing on this topic. It is important to explain what is dope abuse, why it is dangerous and why you have made a decision to write this essay.

Once you have explained your topic briefly, you must present your research in 500-800 words and explain which sources will be used for research. The introduction can take you 1 hour or 3 days but do not worry about it. It is not a paragraph where you have to hurry up time or squeeze it to the minimum.

The major aim of the introduction is to get readers acquainted with your topic. This paragraph does not need any citations or sources provided for the research. This should be a simple narrative text on the issue. You can also seek for additional examples of introduction on the Web, plus below you will find a nice introduction example. This one you can use as a template for your future essay.

Introduction example:

For the time being, there is no country in the world which has nothing to do with a drug abuse problem. Today we face more and more people who take drugs as something which can relax or take them away. This essay devoted to stopping drug abuse. The 1st step: the research will provide some data on the topic (in different countries, ethnic groups and on), then it demonstrates which tools we can use to stop or reduce drug abuse in the world.

It is hard to overrate the importance and the scale of this problem, that is why we have to go for action. Even drug abuse is not an issue which can be decided just like that, the more attention the society provides on this problem, the more chances it has to be reduced. In a world of smoking, alcohol and other abuse drugs should be taken as a dangerous part for all mankind.

How to write a body of an essay on this topic

Writing a body is the most important part of the essay since initially you have to divide it into several parts.

  1. you have to transfer your readers from an introduction to the main part.
  2. you have to show there is research
  3. you have to take your readers from the main paragraph to the conclusion.

We recommend to take a piece of paper and write some notes or parts for your future body paragraph. You may divide all those three parts for sub-parts to provide a greater understanding of the topic for your readers and your prof. Below you will find a body paragraph example to find out which style you should use for this part. The last but not the least piece of advice we want to give you is to re-read every paragraph, by all means, it will free your text from any mistakes or misspells.

Body paragraphs example:

As for the United States, the drug abuse problem can vary depending on the region and state. The statistic data shows that this issue is fully stuck to the age of abuser. According to Alland (2013), the absolute majority of drug abusers are persons in their adolescence. As for statistics by states, such areas as a district of Columbia, Missouri, New Hampshire, Michigan, West Virginia are regions in danger.

When it comes to problem decision in your essay, you may provide your own position to demonstrate which solutions you provide, how would you take them to practice and on and on.

According to Nill (2002), the most effective way to stop drug abuse in the country is to invest money in rehabilitation clusters where people can get professional help with discounts or just for free. The latter depends on the social and material status of each abuser. Another solution is to organize get-togethers for drug abusers to give people a greater understanding of the problem and most significantly of all bad consequences it can bring.

These pieces are provided just to show you which parts the body paragraph requires and why both statistic data and your own position are important.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

If we were asked to choose one and only paragraph for the essay, it would be a conclusion. It is something that sticks to the readers’ mind. That is the reason you have to demonstrate maximum of your essay in the conclusion.

The best way to write a conclusion is to picture you need to squeeze it for 1-2 pages. We recommend to print out your full essay and to read it with a pencil in your hand. Highlight the most important, the most prominent and the most relevant parts.

When you write the conclusion, insert them into your paragraph to show readers only the essence. This part does not require any research to be included, but you still have to show a problem and solutions on how to stop drug abuse in 500-1000 words.

This is a paragraph where you do not have to hurry — take your time and write a good conclusion for your essay. Another advice is to avoid writing your conclusion even before you start writing your essay.

Conclusion example:

To summarize, the problem of drug abuse is a relevant topic which has a list of solutions. The society has to be prepared since to solve the problem of dope abuse can take years or even decades. It is hard to neglect that it is impossible to destroy drug abuse since there still will be people addicted to it. From the side of society and government, we must do everything to help abusers. Drugs are usually being compared with alcohol, sugar or fast food, but from the chemical view, any dope is the most dangerous chemical which can break off one’s life in a decade or even sooner.

We are sure these tips will help you to write a good research essay and to present topic vividly from A to Z. If you have some questions, you can ask our manager or make a request – we will provide paid professional help.

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