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How To Cheat Turnitin

how to cheat turnitin

What Is Turnitin and What Is Academic Plagiarism?

If you are a student, you probably have heard of academic plagiarism, or read about it in your research and writing process. Academic plagiarism refers to the presentation of ideas or content that is not your own, without acknowledging the source. It is theft, and thus punishable, for example, by expulsion from college. In most cases, you commit this offense without knowing.

Common examples of plagiarism encountered from time to time include:

  • Presentation of facts and figures or ideas that are not common knowledge, without citation.
  • Use of direct quotes or paraphrasing a source without using quotation marks, in-text citation, and reference.
  • Use of random or fake citations.
  • Submission of term papers, exams, or assignments that are purchased from other students.
  • Copying or revising papers that you previously submitted, even if the topics are the same, and presenting them for grading.

Several web-based plagiarism tools have been developed as part of attempts to deter plagiarism. Turnitin, one of the most popular plagiarism detection tool used today, was launched in 2000. It is owned by Turnitin.com. It compares paper submissions against a database of available academic sources. Once you upload a paper on Turnitin, the system automatically checks all content and identifies any matching texts or incorrect citations. The software then produces an output that shows the overall assessment of the text’s originality in percentage.

The best way to avoid plagiarism is by keeping track of all information sources you consult when writing. Moreover, always proofread your work and ensure your information sources are cited accurately.

How to Cheat Turnitin

About half of the score you get in your assessment comes from assignments, term papers, and other assessment that are done outside of an examination room (take-away). These college papers and tasks are often difficult, and time-consuming. In addition, the thought of having these assignments or papers checked for plagiarism can be nerve wrecking for the average student. This explains why most students opt to seek help from commercial writing services at a fee. If you face similar challenges, you are probably asking yourself, “is it possible to cheat Turnitin?” You will agree with me that there are loopholes in Turnitin, which you can use to fool the system without being caught.

In the section that follows, I have explained four ways:

Rewrite As Much As You Can

One possible way of fooling Turnitin is by researching information from multiple sources and rewriting in your own words. Like any other plagiarism detection software, Turnitin can detect matching phrases that are longer than a certain number of words. In that case, you can fool it by using quotes that have few words, while taking care not to include uncommon content. As a matter of fact, when you rewrite everything in your own words, you are actually presenting your understanding of the topic. This is not illegal; it is what learning entails.

Swap the Letters from Other Languages

Different languages have different alphabets. If you take a closer glance at the other alphabets which look very similar to English, you will notice some letters have additional characters. These characters are useful in distinguishing the pronunciation of the associated letters. If you replace certain English letters with those from other languages accurately, then you will manage to fool Turnitin. For example, in the Swedish Language, the letter A has special characters, and it is pronounced like the English ‘ai’ in ‘hair.’ This method requires you to check different language sets for similarities in the alphabet, then find characters in your text and replace them as many times as you can. Turnitin will consider the words you generate as foreign and will not detect them as copied.

Change the Format of Document (to PDF, img)

Another way of cheating Turnitin is by submitting your paper as portable document format (PDF) version. It is important to note that the software does not accept file formats that do not allow highlighting of text. Therefore, when you submit a PDF file, the software will not be able to highlight your work, and thus your paper will pass as original. However, your instructor can detect signs of plagiarism manually, but cannot quantify the percentage.  On the other hand, if you choose to add images to your work, always ensure to insert appropriate text. The software will highlight and check the text, but skip the images. Therefore, if you submit images only, your document will be considered blank. This format alteration method can work very well if you combine with that of rewriting information from multiple internet sources.

Order Paper from Essay Writing Service

There are hundreds of essay writing services available on the internet. If you have difficulty in completing your assignments, you have an option of seeking help from expert writers hired under company xxx, at a fee. Since you pay for these services, you can request for drafts of your work to check progress and assess quality. In many cases, these writing services companies have their own plagiarism detection software, which they use to rate paper quality before submitting to you. You could also inquire if they can upload the paper on Turnitin and give you the report and your completed assignment.

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