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How To Keep Up Family Ties Essay, Writing Instructions

How To Keep Up Family Ties

One of those things we will have forever and which is perpetual is family. Guess everyone appreciates family, because very often when we are tired, exhausted and frustrated the only people who can listen to us and help is our parents. Being a citizen of the world in the 21st century we must know the value of the kindred. Of course, sometimes life is rather unjust and some situations make us look for solutions despairingly, but family is the only break in the clouds where you can relax and receive any help. Since your born, you have invisible connecting with your parents and no disasters and bad days will crush it. Nevertheless, sometimes we are too angry at parents, or just simply misunderstood. When problems, like raindrops, fall on us, we cannot be calm and irate can spoil good relationships with family. But do not forget that your power is in your ability to control yourself and your actions. Long story short, family relations is rather an uneasy theme, so here are some tips on how to write an essay on the topic “How to keep up family ties”.

How to start an essay

The essay is about your relations with one of the nearest and dearest people for you in the entire world, so it has to be sincere and real. Why not start it from the description of every member of your family, their character. Moreover, you can write about any family events, which became an essential family tradition. The beginning of an essay has to be not the theme itself, but the nearest image of it. But keep in mind that from the only beginning the reader has to be interested in your topic. For sure, not all themes are entertaining, but your aim is to make it so. You as a writer not only can but must make a person who reads be interested and fond of your essay from the first words. It is not an easy task to perform, but it is possible. Sincereness is your key to success in this case. Remember: good things are real ones.


My family is one of the average ones, but only at the first sight. Except for mother and father, I have little sister Rita. The eldest member of our family is not my sister, but our dog Marcus. Every weekend we go together to the cinema or to the grandparents in the village. What is special in your family, you will ask. One of the strangest things in my family is how we tidy up our apartment. Mom and daddy go to the supermarket while my sister and I have to clean the flat. What is unusual here? There is defined time to make it and who loses, those will cook the diner. Rita and I are very quick, so we always win! Such competitions help our family to keep tight relations and do not forget about each other in the daily routine.

How to write the body of an essay?

The body of an essay is its essential part. Here you should describe your attitude toward the theme of the topic, your desire to change something or your absolute agreement with it. Your fantasy is everything you need. Add some figures of speech to make it more colorful and glowing, it helps the reader to understand clearly what do you mean. But many people consider they can divide it from the beginning in sort of the meaning. Actually, it is not like that. The best essay from the point of view of legibility is those, whose parts are almost undivided. That means each part has segued from one into another with no shifts in the meaning. So, the body is a part where you express your ideas and thoughts and combine them with some examples from life. It has to be the biggest in size and in context part of the essay.


But still, sometimes life appears to be so unexpected that conflict situations become more and more common in any family. Such experience was in every family, just because we are people and can not every time agree with others points of view. But what differs us from animals? Ability to find compromises, talk with each other on different themes, ability to say sorry or swallow our pride. We can change any situation, can develop relationships, can develop yourself to become a better interlocutor. The family is not just a group of relatives, but a crew, which move together in one direction, which copes with difficulties, which help each other and forgive each other. Every time you have any problems or just want to have a heart to heart talk, your mother, dad or sibling are always open to hearing from you. Appreciate your family relations, because these are the sincerest ones.

How to conclude an essay?

The conclusion is the easiest part because you have to compose general thoughts written above. But will it be interesting? A conclusion has to include at least one interesting fact or something like that, but it has to be related to the topic. It can be any of your ideas, points of view or examples from the life of real historical figures or famous people. Just find an appropriate one and use it. But in those mixtures of interesting thoughts do not forget that, at first conclusion is an assumption, and after that it is a part where you should add one interesting information. The usage of proverbs and sayings is a good idea to confirm your points of view with the help of traditional ways.


To sum up, the family’s welfare is the work of every of its member. If both children and parents realize that they want to live in the healthy family and solve conflicts together, this family will be the happiest in the world. Actually, there is no family where people do not argue with each other, are not angry at each other, but they realize that they can be strong only together. You cannot choose your family, but you can choose how to treat your mother, father, and siblings.

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