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How To Memorise An Essay

Long Responses and Essays: How to Memorize Extended Text Passages?

In many educational institutions, students are required to write long passages of text and remember them to pass exams. As to the memorization of essays and long responses for exams, there is one huge point to take into account:

  • How at all are you capable of memorizing a big 1,200-word essay?

Well, we have prepared for you a simple way that consists of a step-by-step logical road to success.

Break it down into smaller parts

If an essay/long response/writing piece include 800-1,200 words, it’s quite a lot. That’s why in order to memorize the whole thing, it’s much easier to break the text down into some logical chunks and memorize it bit by bit.

And, if you wish to memorize an exploratory or discovery essay, you should put the text in the following order:

  • Introduction;
  • Theme 1 of the assigned text;
  • Theme 1 of the related text;
  • Theme 2 of the assigned text;
  • Theme 2 of the related text;
  • Conclusion.

If you are going to memorize some paragraphs paying attention to structural components of an essay or a long text passage, you have to construct some logical piece and put separate parts together for the exam. Having an outstanding structure makes it much easier to remember the core of the presented situation. And if you are finding this method effective, you go ahead and try to break the body paragraphs into separate parts for further memorization.

Use memorization tricks

Now, there are a lot of various methods and approaches for memorizing long passages of writing. If you move in sections, then you can try to read the text aloud again and again and slowly explore in more detail the essay and prepare for the classic look-cover-write-check method. And if you are really struggling, you can create your own flashcards with crucial points to consider, having the first sentence written on one side and putting the next sentence to the back side. This way you can clearly test your progress.

Furthermore, you can use the help of the mnemonic techniques (memory tricks) so that to remind which sentence or logical section of the paper needs to go next. For this, choose just one keyword from every sentence in every paragraph and arrange them into some silly sentence; this would help to remember the overall structure of each paragraph and make sure you are not about to forget crucial points.

Use your strengths

Of course, not every one of us is a super genius to read and remember an essay at a glance. However, we all can try to do this using memorization techniques that definitely work. They may be related to art, writing, music performance or even sports. The memorization method has the tendency of ‘clicking’ to the points in your brain, and you should capitalize on that. As for me, I was extensively engaged in public speaking, discussions, and debates, so I often faced the need to memorize speeches I needed to proclaim. To enhance this process, I often used to write out the major points of essays onto palm cards and then practiced to read them aloud, training my speech skills. It was annoying for my family, and I embarrassed myself with my struggling to take advantage of rhetoric. However, it worked.

You may come up with a creative approach to learn a long response much more effectively. When applied, memorization techniques can help to reach successful exam results.

Start early

Possibly, you know how difficult it is to prepare for the whole long-term/short-term memory to let it work productively in the process of memorization. So, if you are about to remember a long passage or even the whole essay, you’d better start to get training earlier. You need to have time before the examination or giving your speech. This will help you to save time and implement the victorious strategy in practice. You are not recommended to give up the process and expect to train your habit of memorization in the shortest terms, because in such case you are about to lose.

The perfect news is that if you still have a couple of months before the examination, you should try to prepare a written response as soon as possible to get good feedback from the teacher and edit it in the process of preparation for the HSC. After that, the next stage is to get started to memorize the essay and test yourself regularly to pass exams. Therefore, you have a lot of time to fully remember the long written response.

Test yourself

You can finalize the process of essay memorization using the written response content repetition. You can spend a few hours a week to practice your speech habit and chase your doubts away about reciting in public right in front of your teacher at the exam. Testing yourself will help you to:

  • Memorize an essay;
  • Be able to recall it even under pressure;
  • Get adapted to any question at exam.


Considering that any subject of essays / long responses tends to be super daunting, you may want to create a pre-written and fully adaptable response to get ready to pass the exam after memorization. Remember to subdivide your essay into smaller sections and let your memory prepare for testing. Good luck!

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