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How To Write A Good Thesis Statement

“Without knowing the force of words, it’s impossible to know more” (c.) Confucius

Words have a great power that can work wonders. You can kill somebody with the word or make somebody happy. If you know how to use words correctly, you are a very strong person. Using words, you can hook the reader as well as push off them.

A claim is an effective tool for expressing your thoughts and own opinion. It’s a very important part of many papers, advertisements, debate speeches, and etc. Any essay can’t exist without it.

A strong claim resembles a body of the tree where branches grow from and form the whole text. The branches are arguments supporting your claim. Green leaves are different literature tools and methods used for adorning your text to make more interesting for the reader and hook their attention. These are rhetorical questions, jokes, statistics, aphorisms, proverbs, quotations, facts from your own life, and others.

Thesis statement helps the target audience focus their attention on the main objective. Without it, a paper seems to be raw. Now we know that the claim is an inherent component of the paper. There are several tips on how to create a really strong thesis statement.

What is a thesis statement?

Before starting to provide you with tips on how to write this component of the text, let’s treat what it means in fact. It consists of one or several sentences including the most important information and summarizing the topic of the essay. This is a component helping you express your opinion on the problem or situation having been written before. This part represents the whole paper to the target audience and helps them understand why this essay is worthy of their attention.

There are two types of the statements including informative and persuasive one.

Depending on which type of the essay you are writing, you should choose a type of the thesis. If your essay is informative, you should create an informative statement. Due to it, you can provide the reader with your intentions. Having read the essay to the end, the audience has to come to the conclusion that you consider to be right.

For instance, to be strong and healthy, you should do yoga every day. Here, we can see, that the topic of the future essay is healthy living. Having read this sentence, the reader understands, which way this topic will be developed in. This is doing yoga.

Another type of the statement is persuasive. Different types of essays including argumentive, narrative, compare, and others, contain this type of the statement. Using it, you represent your opinion and prove it. This type of statement consists of the author’s opinion and the argument why this opinion is true.

For instance, Yoga doing is the best way to improve your health because it impacts your personal fitness and psyche simultaneously positively and allows you to develop on different levels including personal and mental.

In this sentence, we can see that I’ve offered my opinion about doing yoga, and then I’ve argued my opinion with several pieces of evidence including the influence on the personal fitness and psyche, but also the way of the personal and mental development. This type of statement is used in all type of the essays where the author should tell the reader about their opinion.

Which styles of thesis statements are used in papers?

Depending on the type of the claim, there are two main styles used for writing them.

When it comes to the first style, it helps you express the list of two or more opinions. This style is suitable for a brief essay consisting of two or three body paragraphs. Such kind of essay is very popular in the middle and high school.

For instance, Oliver Twist is a great novel allowing the reader focus on many social issues, because the author presents a portrait of the childhood of a large number of orphans, and victimization of women in Victorian society.

Here, you can see a claim and them two reasons proving the claim. This is suitable for the five-paragraph essay, but, when you studying at the college, a five-paragraph essay is very brief. That’s why the thesis statement should be more common and represent an opinion generally without using two or three reasons.

For instance, Charles Dickens represented a lot of social issues in his novel Oliver Twist through the portrait of the criminal world.

In this claim, I have focused on the social problems represented in the novel altogether followed by the reason. In this paper, I don’t need to focus on one or two social problems actualized in the novel. The broader scope of the claim allows you to treat the problematics broader and see on the problems from different sides. This claim allows you to write the paper of such volume as you want and doesn’t limit you.

Which formula is used for writing a strong statement?

It’s a little strange to offer you a formula for writing a thesis, but it really works.

Even if you won’t follow this formula in detail, it can become a good starting point:

____________is true because of ______, _______, and ________.

The formula for the claim with one evidence is:

____________ is true because of ___________

Which specifications does a strong thesis have?

When writing a thesis, you should pay attention except for the style to the length, place in the paper, and how solid the evidence is.

When it comes to the length, a thesis can be short or long. It depends on the number of pieces of evidence presenting in the thesis. It can include two clauses, while one of them is independent, and another one depends on the main one. Your purpose is a complex sentence consisting of two or more lines or about 30-40 words.

When it comes to the position of the thesis, it should be a beginning of the paper because it’s a guide to the text representing the reader the main idea of the text. There are different opinions on where the thesis should be placed, but the most extended one of them is the end of the introduction paragraph.

When it comes to the strength of the persuasive thesis, it should be arguable. It shouldn’t be a simple fact that everyone knows and can’t argue against.

A weak thesis: “Oliver Twist” is a great novel making people focus on the social problems.

A strong thesis: Charles Dickens used a biographical motive in the novel “Oliver Twist”.


Writing an excellent thesis statement requires a lot of efforts. This is the most important part of the essay helping you bead other components of the paper on it. Despite the thesis includes only one or two sentences, you should waste your time on building it. Due to it, your paper can become focused, tight, and makes the audience concentrate on the argument.

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