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List Of 100 Topics For A Creative Writing

When you are stuck and do not have any ideas and inspiration, you still need to practice and write. Your lifesaver is the creative writing, which will help you to brainstorm and stretch the imagination. It is also helpful when you feel upset and unmotivated to do any work.

Here is the list of the top 100 topics you can write about and boost your mood and the writing skills:

  1. Which things motivate you to get up early?
  2. Think about the eco-friendly habits you have and describe them.
  3. Watch your favorites videos or movies and explain why they inspire you.
  4. Write about the worker at the hotel or cafe (use their perspective).
  5. Record how you are speaking or singing and then create a story about it.
  6. Make a story about the person who always does things fast.
  7. Create the story about the underwater sea creature.
  8. When was the last time you think something magical is going on?
  9. Create a poem or short stories about things which scare you the most.
  10. What if your mirror reflection can talk. What will it say?
  11. Create the story starting with the line of the advertisement you saw the last.
  12. Have a walk in your notebook. Describe the things in a funny way.
  13. Create the text, where every sentence is in the alphabet order.
  14. Ask your mum or dad to say a word, which makes them sad. Create the happy story with this word.
  15. Write about the moment when you felt delighted.
  16. Describe the feelings of people who have loved each other for more than fifty years.
  17. Visit all blogs, which you love and make an article which will connect all last posts.
  18. Make a note the moment when you need to pack a suitcase for living on the island.
  19. Create a poem about the opposite things and their connections in the world.
  20. Dream a little about your favorite place and write it down.
  21. Use your fantasy and describe the fairies and elves.
  22. What weather makes you feel happy?
  23. Your impressions about the last party you have visited.
  24. Take photos of your friends and write the story which will come to your mind after watching them.
  25. Which patterns do you see in your life?
  26. Choose the memorable travel you have and describe it.
  27. If you have a pet or want to have it, describe its life with you.
  28. Open one of the social media sites and make an article starting with the first thing you have seen there.
  29. How do you feel after achieving your goal and describe it?
  30. A letter for you in five years.
  31. Describe the time when you have spoken with the stranger.
  32. Choose the song on your playlist after shuffling. Which feelings do you have about it?
  33. Use the news highlight as the first line of your story.
  34. How do you feel when it is the firework outside?
  35. Search the random word, open the website with it and tell about your impression.
  36. Create the story with the secret message between the words.
  37. Which things motivate you to do a workout?
  38. Describe the last wish you have.
  39. Take a photo of the plants you have and create the story about the best one.
  40. Create a romantic story about people who were enemies.
  41. You are the famous person. Describe your morning and evening routine.
  42. Which things make you comfortable in the bad situations?
  43. Check your email and take notes with the promotions you have received.
  44. Which outfit do you find the ideal one for your friend?
  45. Pick the place you have never been to. Read about it and create a poem about the life there.
  46. Funnily describe your last phone call.
  47. How is the life of people who share their room with someone?
  48. Make a list of three nouns and adjectives, use them in your text.
  49. Make a story based on the last picture you have seen.
  50. Explain on the paper how do you feel about giving your things to someone.
  51. If you have a tree house, describe the life there.
  52. Describe your favorite season.
  53. Write about how not to give up.
  54. Make the list of the things you are grateful for.
  55. Write about the things you can do forever.
  56. Which things can you not live without? Create the story with them.
  57. Do a meditation. Write the thought after it.
  58. Write a note about the person you miss the most.
  59. You have produced a new robot. What can it do?
  60. Write about the cutest thing you have ever seen.
  61. Make a story about the person who is a liar.
  62. How do you feel alone?
  63. Make notes about the dream team and its leader.
  64. There is the new type of animal. Describe how it looks like and behave.
  65. If you can be a magician, which spells will you have?
  66. Describe the situation when your life has made a sharp turn.
  67. You are the creator of cartoons, which cartoon will you do?
  68. Write a poem or a story, where you will use all the numbers from your phone number.
  69. Draw the elephant or other animals. Take notes on this drawing.
  70. What if you have sticky hands, how will your life change?
  71. Create the story where every sentence starts with the word “sun.”
  72. Write the list of habits you want to have.
  73. Imagine the life as a pet. How many differences are there?
  74. Look at the fashion magazine and describe the things which impress you the most.
  75. Create the poem about the hero.
  76. Wait for the stars night, watch on the sky and write how do you feel about it?
  77. How to feel more energized?
  78. Imagine that the dragons are real. Describe the life with a dragon.
  79. Use a timer and write something for ten minutes.
  80. Create the story about your perfect vacation.
  81. Describe how you feel early in the morning.
  82. Tell about the time you have failed.
  83. What if you are staying near the closed door? What is behind it?
  84. Your friend cannot get to your house. Create the directions.
  85. Create your self-care routine and write about it.
  86. Which things make you feel good vibes?
  87. How is the movement of time happens?
  88. Write about the dancer who has failed in the beginning and now is successful.
  89. Imagine the moment which will entirely change your life. What will it be?
  90. How can you inspire other people?
  91. Describe the process how you get to school/university/work.
  92. Start your story with the word “sorry.”
  93. Imagine that you have left your wallet at home. How will you get somewhere?
  94. Tell about the tea you do not like.
  95. Describe the time when you do not want to do anything.
  96. Watch the sad movie. Write the happy end for it.
  97. Spend a day at the art museum. Tell about your impressions.
  98. Create the short story which will open your diary.
  99. If you will create the new social media, which will it be about?
  100. Look at your shelves – what do you see?

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