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My Family Portrait Essay, Writing Instructions

Essay About My Family Portrait

The theme of the family remains relevant at all times. Each cell of society represents its own history and its own characteristics. You can imagine that it’s very easy to write about this, and this is not absolute truth. If you just tell your people’s history, it’s very small. The story should be interesting to read and intrigue the reader. To ensure that you have good and high-quality work, you need to follow several rules. Below we will try to give you some tips for this.

Introduction Tips:

  • From how you begin your narrative depends on the success of your entire work. If the reader touches your story from the first few lines, he will finish reading it before the end. So first you have to explain to him why you want to talk about your family. The more extravagant the description begins, the more likely that your work will be successful.
  • Indicate the most significant moments in the introduction and during the course of the story, disclose them.
  • If your family has experienced some unusual situation, say this immediately and build on this by describing each member.
  • As an example, we can cite several types of introductions.
  • If you have only a mother or only a father, you can write: “My mother is the strongest woman on the planet, she alone put our family on their feet and raised beautiful children. She gave us all the best and we are incredibly grateful her for it. “
  • Or, you can start with someone who has the reins of government in your kin: “My father was always the head of the family and his word for us is the law. He is a military man by profession, that’s why we were all brought up in strictness and order. “

How to write a body of an essay on this topic

After you set the tone for your composition, you need to build a logical narrative. Your essay should consist of several paragraphs that will complement each other. Do not lose the thread of reasoning and do not go far from the intended topic, the reader is simply lost in your text array. Determine for yourself a few key points that you will rely on while writing and which the reader will rely on while studying your material.

You will be much more comfortable if every paragraph of your essay will be dedicated to an individual member of your family. Do not load the reader with unnecessary information. You do not need to list all the educational institutions that your mother or all your father’s workplaces attended. Choose the brightest moments from the biography and describe them. Do not forget that you are trying to give the reader an interesting product and he must capture your story.

If you have some historical information that relates to your family – this is an added plus. Write that your family tree is very extensive and among your ancestors, there were some famous people of high origin. Elements of history have always been interesting, and if you are interested in this and found such information – the reader will appreciate it.

Another rule of the successful essay – tell your readers the sooth. Do not invent biographical facts to improve your work. Each family is unique and interesting in its own way and you can find the right words without distorting the facts.

Body Paragraphs Tips:

  • As we already mentioned, you should choose the most colorful moments to describe your kin members. As an example, we can write something similar: “My father was fond of cars since childhood, he tried to understand all the mechanisms and spent all his free time under the hood. When he grew older, he spent a lot of time in the garage. My mother was angry because of this to a certain point. One day my father showed the works of his work – he personally assembled a car that is still in our garage.” You will be pleased to mention this story in your essay and the reader will gladly accept this information. After all, it is interesting and admirable. And if your future reader turns out to be an expert in this matter, he will be delighted with this.
  • Try to specify exactly those moments from the biography that will cause such feelings. For instance: “My mother was the best veterinarian in our city and once she spent 6 hours on the operation of a dog that the car hit, she saved this baby and we took him to her recovery. Over time, we all got used to him so that we left him “. You kill two birds with one stone, you not only described an interesting moment from the life of your family but also showed the reader one more member of your kin – your dog.
  • Try not to forget that that brevity is the sister of talent and you should not feed the reader with huge texts. Make a selection and mark only the most important thing.
  • The better you structure your essay, the easier it will be to read and the more positive feedback it will receive. The text should be related and logical.

How to conclude an essay on this topic

Summing up, you have to say thank you to the reader that you are immersed in the history of your family and have finished reading it before the end. Complete the narrative by saying that you are happy that you have such kin and you were happy to share it with people.

Conclusion Tips:

  • You can finish the story this way: “I will not argue, that my family is like hundreds of other families, but for me it is unique, I have only one and I’m happy to share every minute in its circle. Love your family and talk about it.”

If you follow our advice, you will achieve a good result without fail. Do not forget to check your essay for errors of a different plan, and better entrust the check to a third party. Write about your family and get the highest scores.

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