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Persuasive Essay Topics

List of Persuasive Categories:

The science

  1. Scientific progress never stops.
  2. Laboratory researches are important in practical life.
  3. Newton made a lot for the planet understanding
  4. Space is closer than men consider.
  5. Science results get due to different spheres of human life.
  6. Scientific investigations are the hard long-termed work of many people.
  7. The role of biology is great.
  8. Chemistry and physics can good explain the planet options.
  9. People can do nothing without scientific opening.
  10. Planet suffers from many scientific achievements.


  1. Culture changes due to mass media emergence.
  2. The cultural divergences are bad for international friendship.
  3. Civilization speed up its cultural potential.
  4. Ancestors remain a good heritage for the present generation.
  5. A lot of cultural traditions are not important anymore.
  6. Governments support many cultural traditions.
  7. National traditions are to be taught at school.
  8. Religion is appreciated in poor countries.
  9. Dancing is a good sport.
  10. The person becomes an individual due to the cultural understanding.


  1. Uniform is a vivid question.
  2. Paper textbook or a PC.
  3. Writing a pen is an anachronism.
  4. Boys and girls study worse together.
  5. Education is to be practical.
  6. The teacher is a great example for children.
  7. Heavy school bags are to be forbidden.
  8. Home individual education does not teach the art of communication.
  9. College is a reduced state model.
  10. Good grades do not guarantee a successful career.

Modern society

  1. Feminism ruined the family.
  2. Travel is a great part of modern life.
  3. Prosperous states widen the human rights.
  4. There are great changes between the epochs.
  5. Appearance is a censor for communication.
  6. Success is measured by money.
  7. TV is a harm for youth.
  8. Influence of public opinion is exaggerated.
  9. People in the 21st century are communicative.
  10. The criminal is an important question for every country.


  1. Models sacrifice their body for work.
  2. Fashion is a fictions world.
  3. When creating collections designers do not think of people.
  4. Animals are fashion victims.
  5. Attention to the shoe industry is exaggerated.
  6. Jewels always go near fashion.
  7. Clothes have the power to change the world.
  8. Men became more interested in fashion.
  9. Fashion feed a billion people.
  10. The name of a good designer is remembered for centuries.
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