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Stress and Health Essay, Writing Instructions

Stress and Health Essay, How to Deal with It?

Today no one can guarantee you a life without stress even if you stay home. Communication with different people, busy schedule, familial arguments requires stability of the nervous system and prompt adaptation to present situations. The problem arises from a long-term perspective: except for immediate low mood and nervousness, stress can provoke health disorders lasting for years. Impacts of stress are well-researched, but there are still many people who don’t pay attention to their emotional state. It is impossible to avoid stress over the life, nevertheless ways to reduce it exists.

To write an essay about health and stress connection, choose a way of discussion. There are four most plausible direction: medical methods to reduce stress, damage to the nervous system (what and how is influenced), prevention of stress. The therapeutic approach to the problem is the most difficult and requires references to scientific publications, usage of special vocabulary and a basic understanding of biology. Analyze your abilities and write about the topic you are most aware.

A research paper usually starts with an introduction. In the beginning, briefly describe the importance of concern for the health and amount of stress in our life. Write some general information about stress and how it originates, then come to the thesis statement. In thesis statement describe main points of discussion depending on the topic. You may combine two approaches to the problem, mentioning impacts and reasons of stress. Be clear in wording, because body paragraphs will be based on points mentioned in a thesis.


A word “stress” is familiar to every adult – many people experience it on an everyday basis. Studies show that being healthy closely relates to being satisfied. Noticing irritants and removing them are important skills for everyone who wants to stay calm and in a good mood. Almost all daily situations somehow influence our body through neurotransmitters, our mood defines further life conditions. Stressful weekdays as a routine might contribute to streptococcal infections, mood disturbances, regular headaches and even nervous tic.

Continue research paper with body paragraphs. The information in paragraphs, if they are about health, should be based on scientific research and contain statistics. You can simplify some issues and give references for readers, who want to immerse in the topic. Usage of special terms is not obligatory, but their substitution requires explanations which lengthen a text. Be sure that you follow the rules of word number and paragraph balance.


Stress provokes health problems – it leads even to streptococcal infections. There are tenuous relationships between the immune system and a stressful life. Stress can not provoke the infection itself, but studies show that familial crisis makes people four times more vulnerable to such bacteria. Daily based stress reduces the organism’s protective functions, therefore person stops to react not only to external stressors but for internal. The same effect has non-streptococcal respiratory infections: the weakened immune system has only basic protective functions, while the production of proteins and cells which destroy viruses slows down. The mechanism of stress is almost the same in all cases, but it influences different spheres of health.

Another example of a stressful environment is a mood disturbance. A human can adjust to difficult situations, but that demands time and body resources. It is studied, that stress has no connection with subsequent mood: it works to the day and effects can be visible. The reasons for mood problems are temporary disorientation in an environment and emotional outburst. Chemical reactions in our body lead to mad or depressive states. To recover from stress influence, there is a need in time adjustment up to one day.

Among the long-term effects which stress causes is a headache. As with infections, organism stops to react to stressors properly. The difference is in symptomatic: a person will experience headaches even without stressful situations for a long period. This situation can be called a self-deception: the brain gets used to be irritated and continues to react in the same way. The reasons for such health problems can be very different, but mostly they are daily: bad work conditions, familial arguments, unresolved situations which make a person nervous. The only way to deal with it is to reduce the number of environmental irritators.

One more dangerous effect of stress is a nervous tic. It continues the number of long-term diseases and in many cases cannot be removed. Nervous tic is usually caused by other reasons, but stress can also provoke it. The peculiarity is in amount and strength of stressor – it must be one-time and very significant. Such situations initiate a miscommunication in the brain, nerves which are damaged stop to function normally. Depending on damage zone, nerves can or can not be recovered. Considering all the factors, the process of recovery is very long and it can’t be started if stressors still exist.

Make a summary of health problems with a conclusion. Essay on medical topics do not include personal opinion, but if you have chosen ways of reducing stress, you may comment on your own ideas. In case of stress impacts, emphasize the most dangerous cases among mentioned. Briefly describe whether a fight with stress can be successful: mention countries or companies which improve work conditions in creative way, some social initiatives. End your conclusion with general statement based on body paragraphs – the obvious existence of a problem and demand for its solution.


We still are hostages of stress – the number of diseases it may provoke and people who suffer it is tremendous. Damage is different in time and coverage, but its effects are visible with a deep analysis. Bacterial infections, mood changes, unintentional moves have not many traits in common, but can be caused by one thing. It is possible to deal with stress building individual comfortable environment and being attentive to your health. Except of gymnastics, vitamins and positive mood, which are usually advised, people should pay attention to familial and friend’s atmosphere, work conditions and rest. Everything done in time prevents possible problems and leaves time for healthy life without stress.

Source: Delongis, A. Folkman, S. The Impact of daily stress on health and mood

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