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The Biggest Failure Essay, Writing Instructions

Essay about the Biggest Failure

Essays about the biggest failure aren’t the easiest to write as they require a lot of introspection and reflection on the various experiences one has undergone in life. The purpose of these essays is to help institutions know how their potential candidate can cope with challenges that they may face. Various factors should be considered when writing these types of essays, such as the failure, the reason as to why you consider it to be your biggest failure, the action taken, the outcome of that action and the lessons learned.

When deciding on which failure to write about, direct your focus on a failure that improved your personality, helped you gain more experience or enhanced your skills. Begin your essay by first describing the failure in one-fold and be honest about that failure. For a well-written essay, the following example can guide you on introduction.

Example A: Dropping out of High School (Introduction)

At times we take a lot of things for granted as we just assume we are entitled to having them. Education was among the things I took for granted. I got bored with the occasional exams I had to do, the daily routines of school and besides that, I performed poorly in class. The principal summoned me to his office and warned me; he told me to ensure that I had improved on my performance in the forthcoming examinations. I barely made any effort in my studies. Hence I decided to quit rather than be reprimanded by the principal. My parents were so disappointed in me; they had gone through a lot just to keep me in school. I was their hope for a better future, and I let them down. They offered me the best gift that a parent could give to his children, and I took it for granted. I caused them a lot of pain despite them being there for me, cheering me on ever since I was just a little kid.

The following part should comprise of the action taken, the impact of your action, any changes that may have occurred due to that action, how you felt about the situation, how it affected your relationships and also how you reacted to the situation.

Example B: Apprehending and Accepting (Body)

Dropping out of high school has been my biggest failure and regret in my life. It haunts me because it took a huge toll on me. If only I held on a little longer, things would have been different. I could not attend any university; a high school certificate was mandatory in order to pursue any course there. This meant I could only attend a technical institution, which provided hands-on skills on courses I wasn’t interested in. Having realized the impact of my actions, I was so ashamed, disappointed and frustrated with life.

My parents gave up on me, our relationship deteriorated, and I could no longer have a good conversation with them as they kept reminding me of the worst decision I made. It is also my biggest failure because I had to take more time than I would have required for building up my career. As I reflect on my life and the decisions I made, I now know that patience, effort and discipline could have made things different.

In order to have a comprehensive conclusion, you should indicate the various lessons you learned from that failure and how they helped you in improving your life. In addition to that, you can state an event in which you incorporated the lessons learned.

Example C: Conclusion

As I look back and contemplate on my life, I have realized that I have been wiser in the decisions I make. Through this experience, I learned that the key to success entails consistency, hard work, persistence, passion and preparation. There are times in life that things don’t work out as expected. But no matter what the situation, a little passion in what you do goes a long way. After dropping out of school, I did a technical course that helped me in building up my professional career. There was a time during my semester that I was not performing well. However, due to what I learned from my previous experience, I worked hard, sought the help of my lecturers and became persistent. These helped me to complete my course successfully. That failure made me become a much better person.

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