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Was The Civil War Inevitable Essay, Writing Instructions

Was The Civil War Inevitable?

War can absolutely be considered as a black day in the entire history of mankind. Even at the beginning of civilization, when the first people appeared on the Earth, they fight with each other for the territory, women and in many other issues. So, can it be told that war is a part of the set of mind of all people? This theory is absolutely possible, just remember all dark times through the history — there are a thousand of those. People due to their humanity is subjected to make conflicts, argue and insistently persist in his or her statement. Medieval ages were a crucial point for all people because that is a time of understanding the whole problem of wars. People became more domesticated, but the hierarchy is still preserved. The 20th century was the time of bloody First and Second World Wars — a time when people, at first sight, become wise and longsighted, but unconscious enough indeed. But not only world wars were during the history of mankind living, how many civil wars were in every country, and we do not know about them, how many billions of people died. For example, during the Syria civil war, 331765 people died. This still lasted and according to researchers, it will endure during the next decade. Such sad statistics is the reality of modern society. But was all wars in the Earth inevitable?

How to start an essay

The topics connected with wars are usually not an easy one, but rather sensible, because many people consider wars to be a life-takers. It is a correct simile, as people’s lives are the most valuable resource, which can be lost during the wars. The most appropriate way to start an essay on such themes is to describe your attitude toward it. Not only that, but you can use historical examples which will complement your opinion. The beginning of an essay has to be strictly rational and understandable. You can use all necessary facts and data from the Internet or any other source of information. But the only thing you should remember while writing the preambular part of your essay is that you have to show your position about the question immediately, even if you want to show the entire picture from two points of view.


Almost all people know what is a war from the school of hard knocks: either they lived in such tragic times, or their parents or grandparents experienced these black pages in the history of the world. People fight with each other for the territory or power on other peoples even now, in the 21st century. More often occurs civil wars that world wars or wars between countries, and it seems to be rather irrational — how people who together live in the one country, who vote for one president, who eat one bread can be enemies? Unfortunately, it is not strange nowadays, even rather common. But is it normal to fight against your neighbor? I think it is not, because it just decreases the power of the nation on the one hand and gives another future on the other hand.

The body of an essay

It is the main part of an essay and here you should describe your opinion about the theme of the topic. In the opening, you have to write your thoughts about it and in the main part, you have to write why do you think so. There were a lot of civil wars in the history, so it is not a problem to choose one and compose your attitude toward it and whether it can be inevitable or not.


On the one hand, civil wars as any other wars extinguish people’s life and make life a burden, the rivers of the tears become real during these dark times. And how civil wars can be good when they do not bring any happiness, but only frustration? All these are absolute truth, but on the other hand, sometimes we do need this painful pill, which will bring good times in the future. As an example, I would like to tell about the civil war in the USA in 1861-1865. This war was not only between the North and the South but between the freedom, liberty and slave states in the south. What would be if this civil war were prevented? Which would be the political system, economic situation and citizen’s welfare in the USA now? It is a rather difficult question to answer, maybe slavery system would captivate the whole country and such prosperity of the USA as it is now would be only a dream? We can not be sure totally about that, but thanks to the civil war that time, nowadays citizens of the United States can proudly tell about their history and how in the days of old their grandfathers fights for the freedom.

How to conclude an essay

The summation is not less important as the opening and the body, but in this part, you have to summarize everything written before. Avoid using the same words or word combinations in the end, as it has to be exciting for the reader. And remember: the best ending is a simple and laconical ending, too intricate sentences will spoil your essay.


In the end, many people regard wars as a negative one, as a black and sad time in the history of their country. That is absolutely true, but sometimes when we have to choose, it is better to do something what we do not want and what maybe bring us looses. But remember what did Margaret Thatcher, when enemies occupied the island, which belongs to GB and was situated in a thousand miles from Great Britain. Despite it cost soldiers lives and a great deal of money, she attacked an enemy and protected its citizens. It was an uneasy decision, but it was necessary to help those people, who expected the help.

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